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4e consulting is deeply involved since its foundation into the combustion engine design: in this field the structural calculation is one of the keys enabler for every successful program. In the sake of such challenging activities, the long term cooperation with Astra Research has allowed a continuous company growth and a competence sharing unthinkable with other partners.

The “Astra team” has always demonstrated an un comparable level of commitment in the several programs carried out together.

Paolo Patroncini
CEO at 4e-consulting

We started our collaboration with ASTRA RESEARCH in 2016. Since the first meeting, they have always shown great ability to listen and understand our goals, excellent technical skills, wide availability of most updated and powerful software for 3D modelling and simulation. Since then we have been collaborating with ASTRA RESEARCH on complex projects where excellent capabilities are required on finite element analysis, topological optimisation, computational fluid dynamics analysis.

Fabio Baiocchi

Astra is a crucial and grat partner for us in the development of new projects. We have been collaborating for several years, and during this period, they have supported us in multiple phases, including:

  • Development of custom calculation packages tailored to our specifications.
  • Linear and non-linear, as well as topological analyses of structural components.
  • Linear and non-linear analyses of components made of plastic material.
  • Characterization tests on metallic and plastic materials.
  • Management of complete development projects.

Astra has consistently shown attentiveness to our needs and requests, always available for discussion and dialogue. They have proven to be an excellent partner for technical development.

Andrea Bassi
Product Development Manager at Aqseptence

The collaboration between AMA SPA and Astra began in 2006. At that time, Ama, with its Pertex division, sought support from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to develop a new project dedicated to a large OEM operating on a global scale.

During this collaboration, we had the privilege of working with Prof. Strozzi, along with his team of young engineers, including Engineer Rosi and Engineer Giacopini, who later founded Astra Research. Together, they analyzed the project and initiated the co-design of the final product, along with the preliminary analysis of the loads required by relevant regulations.

The second phase of the project involved validation through static and dynamic tests of both the project itself and the creation of the testing machine that could validate the project/product. The project concluded successfully

Today, more than 10 years after that initial collaboration in 2006, our partnership with Astra Research continues steadfastly, engaging them in projects with major global players in the Agricultural, Earthmoving, and Logistics sectors.

Over the years, collaborations with other companies within the AMA world have expanded, covering various domains from hydraulics to mechanics, as Ama ( is a globally operating group with production facilities in India and the USA. Currently, three test/validation machines are managed by Astra in its own premises.

Daniele Campana
M. Director Pertex Division at AMA GROUP

Astra Research is our key partner in developing new projects. Numerical analysis are the core of the development of our business therefore we found in Astra a skillfull team which is able to support us with its knowledge and experience.
We are confident that our involvement with Astra Research is going to increase considerably in the future

Carlo Bonfreschi
Product Engineering Manager at Dts Spa